Meridien Letterpress Printing 凸版印刷, Letterpress Invitation Card 凸版請柬, Letterpress Wedding Card 凸版喜帖, Letterpress Name Card 凸版咭片, Letterpress Business Card, Letterpress Greeting Card and Letterpress Stationery



Meridien Printing Press is owned by ColourPrepress Technology Ltd. We emphasize high quality printing is the reputation of each company. From professional prepress to printed matter, we concern the appearance, feeling and user friendly as well as the quality.

We have experience to apply different printing skills with consultancy advice. We can apply "Engrave", "Letterpress", "Thermography", "Blind Embossing", "Hot Stamping" and "Gild Edge" on stationeries;  "Adhesive Seal" and "Inner Lining" on envelopes.

The look and feel of the invitation card is the first glimpse that your guests have about what your function will be like. At Meridien Printing Press, we understand how important it is for that communication to reflect your vision and personality.

We love to see your own design and our affiliate company

"Meridien Studio Channel" will assist on design if needed.